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Caravan and tent standing 2020

Increased comfort for clients

Caravan and tent standing 2020

Since 2020 we will take a major change in our resort, which concerns clients with their own caravans, campers and tents.

In order to increase the comfort of all our clients, we proceed to a radical reduction in the number of caravan stalls, up to a maximum number of 60.
Another major change will be that individual caravan stalls will be separated by hedges and divided into several categories. This is not limited to their size, but also the attractiveness of their location.

Payments for your stay are also considerably simpler. They will no longer take place depending on whether you arrive with a small or large tent, a caravan or a campen. The price will be determined as a place with an electrical connection and will depend on its size and attractiveness. With regard to tourist taxes, we will probably have to solve only the number of people.
The individual stalls will be displayed at our www clearly on the cadastral photomomaps, including the designations which are reinforced and can thus serve regardless of rain or snow, i.e. all year round.

In connection with the above, it will be necessary to change the reservation system. As specific locations will be reserved, the times of arrivals will have to be aligned, as well as departures from them.
The facilities in the form of parking lots will serve both incoming and outgoing clients to shut down their caravans, campers, or cars. Whether for waiting for a raid on a reserved place in case of early arrival on the premises or in case of later departure from the premises, if you decide even after the exit from the booked place to refrain from us a little longer.
Morning arrivals and afternoon departures will be in reasonable limits:-)

The reservation system of caravan sites will copy the long-established system of reservation of fixed accommodation capacities in our resort.
After reservation of the place on the basis of the booking form on our www you will be issued an advance invoice for the estimated 50% of the price of stay, only after the payment of this amount will be binding on our part. Upon arrival, you pay the remaining amount at the reception in cash or by credit card.
Of course, you can visit us without booking, but we will not be able to guarantee your vacancies in this case, no longer be free.

More information about the final number of stalls, their location, prices and other details will be published on our site during this autumn.

By the time of finalisation of the above, we reserve the right to non-essential changes:-)

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