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Caravan and tent standing 2020 continue ...


Caravan and tent standing 2020 continue ...

Dear clients,

As we informed you in the News section on 30.7.2020, since 2020 we are introducing major changes in caravaning.

We are grateful for all the opinions that come to us, but especially for those who come to us from our regular clients. And these are the most important for us. They are the opinions of people who have come to us for years, know the local environment and know that our goal is quality, not quantity. In particular, we consider their suggestions in this section.

The official name of our company - Camping Baldovec - is misleading and we are going to change it this year. But it should be noted that it originated in the last millennium :-) with a goal that has long since lost its justification. Historically, it has fulfilled its purpose, but at the present time it is rather a nuisance ...

Although caravaning is our marginal activity, it competes boldly with the best caravaning specialists. Not only in the Czech Republic. In view of the long-standing and stable clientele, in many cases with personal ties, we do not intend to leave this sector of our activity, but to improve it on the contrary.
Separating the areas with hedges will increase your privacy, which will be further enhanced by the absence of drunken groups who are as foreign to their short-term neighbors as respect to our operating rules.
The overall calming of the western part of the area will also contribute to the removal of tourist
chat R.
Reinforced caravan places will be built instead.
We believe that the number of stalls 60 is adequate to the anticipated number of people who will use both the existing social facilities for caravan areas and the restaurant, which would not be able to ensure adequate quality of services in busy terms for all clients of our resort.

If you are wondering whether this is the end of the "wild" occupancy of vacant areas, then we respond positively. Since January 2020, no vacancies will be available in our resort. Someone will be thrilled with this step, some will be disappointed, but so it is usually :-(

For us it really is not acceptable that next to the tent stood three cars, a party tent in the size of a circus and there is a 200 liter refrigerator full of PET bottles and tapping equipment with a supply of several barrels of beer. Such occupation of 300 m2 of space for paid 300, - CZK / night has not been an exception in recent months.

Believe that it is very exhausting the constant detection of black electricity and fraud with the size of the tent, the number of people and the age of their offspring, etc.
There are dozens of cases in which clients with their own tents give false data and you will not be surprised that they are always in their favor. All the more we regret that these cases are exclusively domestic clients.

All decent car owners, which, unlike the above-mentioned ones, we very much appreciate, will be available next year these private areas, which will be able to rent.

After the survey we can tell you that the smallest rented private space will have 120 m2, the largest will be almost 400 m2.
Planned prices will stay from CZK 1,000 per night per area. The amount for daily rent of the biggest ones will not be increased by m2 :-)

The increase in the price of stays by switching to private caravan parks is far from intended to compensate our projected financial slump, which will result in a decrease in the number of clients. Whoever wants to understand the price surge will surely understand and surely understand us…

The price will include all charges with an undetermined limited number of persons (additional person for a fee), one pet (additional fee), the price will also include sanitary facilities including showers, tourist tax, swimming pool in summer.

For illustration:
camper (or caravan + car or small tent + car or big tent + car), shelter, party tent, 1 to 4 persons (???), tourist tax, electricity, sanitary facilities, swimming pool = 1.000, -CZK / night / 120 m2
(500, - deposit for order + 500, - surcharge on arrival). No deposit, for chance, fee 1.000, - upon arrival.

There will be only one camper per 60 private places
(with accessories) or caravan + car (with accessories) or large tent + car / motorbike (with accessories) or small tent + car / motorbike (with accessories).

Existing clients using our caravan and tent sites repeatedly and for a long time will be contacted during the autumn to arrange loyalty discounts.

We strongly believe that loyalty discounts will increase next year :-)

Until finalization of the above we reserve the right to make major changes :-)

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