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General Commercial Terms

General Contractual Terms of Camping BALDOVEC s.r.o.


These General Commercial Terms (GCT) define the contractual relationships between Camping Baldovec s.r.o., a limited liability company with its seat at Rozstání - Baldovec 319, postal code 798 61, Reg. No.: 63486377, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, File 21391 (hereinafter “Camping Baldovec”0 and the other party (hereinafter the “Customer”0 during realisation of accommodation and other services at the recreation facility of Camping Baldovec (, hereinafter “Services”).


2.1. The contractual relationship between Camping Baldovec and the customer shall be established upon binding confirmation of the customer’s order by Camping Baldovec, along with acceptance of an offering of services provided by Camping Baldovec by the customer.

2.2. All amendments, concerns, limitations or changes that the customer wishes to add to an already confirmed order of services shall be considered a new order, and the contract will not be established unless Camping Baldovec accepts the new order.

2.3. Acceptance of an amendment with a deviation is hereby excluded.


3.1. The customer is required to pay the price for services at the start of their provision (e.g. upon arrival) by Camping Baldovec.

3.2. Camping Baldovec is also entitled to ask the customer to pay for services before they are provided. If Camping Baldovec does not exercise its entitlement in accordance with Article 3. paragraph 3.2. hereof, it shall be entitled to demand an advance payment for services in the amount of 50% of the total price, before the services are provided.

3.3. The customer shall be required to pay the price for the services.

3.4. Camping Baldovec shall enable its customers to pay the price in cash or by credit/debit card.


4.1. The price of services is set by Camping Baldovec according to the current price list for services, which is available upon request or set based on an agreement between the parties hereto.

4.2. Camping Baldovec guarantees for the duration of the contractual relationship that the price of services will not change.


5.1.1. The customer’s basic rights include:

  • the right to proper provision of agreed services from Camping Baldovec
  • the right to be familiarised with potential changes to the programme and the scope of services provided by Camping Baldovec
  • to cancel participation in a stay or agreed services provided by Camping Baldovec at any time before the stay is scheduled to begin or before services are used (see Article 7. (Termination by customer)
  • the right to notify Camping Baldovec in writing that instead of the customer another person will enter into the contractual relationship, who off course will assume responsibilities stemming from the contractual relationship, the GCT and legal regulations; Camping Baldovec is entitled to reject the request to change the customer
  • the right to a claim stemming from defective fulfilment by Camping Baldovec (see Article 5. Complaints and liability for damages)
  • the right to personal data protection

5.1.2. The customer’s basic obligations include:

  • carrying out its actions in a manner that ensures that inappropriate harm to freedom, lives, health or property does not occur
  • truthful completion of personal data about the customer or about the person who will enter into the contractual relationship with Camping Baldovec instead of the customer
  • to ensure for persons under the age of 15 that they are supervised by an adult, for the duration of their stay at Camping Baldovec and for the duration of provided services
  • to pay the price for services in accordance with Articles 3 and 4 of the GCT
  • to pay an advance towards the price for services of Camping Baldovec by the agreed deadline
  • during the stay itself and during the use of services at the site of Camping Baldovec to comply with the internal rules of Camping Baldovec; in the event of their breach, Camping Baldovec will be entitled to terminate provision of services immediately, without replacement
  • to pay for damages caused at the facilities of Camping Baldovec for which the customer is found responsible

5.2. The basic rights and obligations of Camping Baldovec stem from the aforementioned specified basic rights and obligations of the customer.


6 1. If the scope or quality of services provided by Camping Baldovec is less than was previously agreed upon, the customer shall become entitled to submit a claim.

6 2. The customer is required to apply entitlements stemming from claims in relation to Camping Baldovec in writing promptly after they arise, but no later than within 7 days of the end of provided services. Later or unsubstantiated claims will not be taken into consideration.

6 3. Camping Baldovec shall not be liable for damages if they have been caused by:

  • the customer
  • a third party who is not an employee of Camping Baldovec
  • an irreversible event that could not be prevented


7 1. The Customer is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship of Camping Baldovec in writing. Such termination shall take effect as soon as it is delivered to Camping Baldovec.

7 2. If the Customer terminates the Agreement pursuant to Article 7. paragraph 7.2. hereof, the Customer shall be required to pay Camping Baldovec the following cancellation fees stemming from the moment when the termination notice from the customer reaches Camping Baldovec:

  • by the 61st day before the start of services 10% of the total price of services
  • from the 60th to the 31st day before the start of services 20% of the total price of services
  • from the 30th to the 15th day before the start of services 50% of the total price of services
  • from the 14th to the 7th day before the start of services 70% of the total price of services
  • from the 7th day before the start of services 100% of the total price of services

7 3. The total price shall be understood as the price of all agreed services in accordance with Article 4 hereof, not only an advance.


8 1. The Customer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Agreement with Camping Baldovec if Camping Baldovec refuses to provide fulfilment pursuant to the contract.

8 2. Camping Baldovec shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract with the customer if the customer does not pay the advance towards the price for services or the price of the services properly and on time.

8 3. Withdrawal from the contract shall be effective on the date when the withdrawal notice is delivered to the other contracting party.


9 1. The consumer, a person not acting within the scope of business activity (a customer), shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract entered into with Camping Baldovec without specifying a reason within 14 calendar days. The consumer may not withdraw from a contract on service provision if the services ordered were fulfilled with the consumer’s expressed consent prior to the lapse of the deadline for withdrawal from the contract.

9 2. The period allowed for withdrawal from the contract shall begin running as of the date when the parties enter into the contract on provision of services by Camping Baldovec.

9 3. If the consumer exercises the right to withdraw from the contract, the consumer shall not be responsible for any costs.

9 4. However, the customer shall be required to pay the respective proportion of the price of services if the customer withdraws from a contract whose fulfilment has already begun.

9 5. The contract with Camping Baldovec is entered into in the Czech language.


10 1. The customer hereby accepts the risk of a change of circumstances pursuant to Section 1765 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code.

10 2. Reassignment of a receivable owed by Camping Baldovec by the customer is hereby prohibited.

10 3. These General Commercial terms shall become valid and effective on 1 1/ 2014

10 4. The customer hereby agrees that upon entering into any contract with Camping Baldovec, the customer expresses full agreement with the option of changing the GCT in the future pursuant to Section 1752 of the Civil Code. Any potential change of the GCT will be reported to the address from which the order originates (in the event of an e-mail order) or to the address which will be specified in a written contract. Such notice shall establish the customer’s right to terminate the contract with one month of notice, which shall begin running as of the first day of the month following that in which the customer is notified of the change of the GCT.

In Baldovec, dated 1 1/ 2014

 represented by Ing. Jiří Vytopil
 Company Executive Officer