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Wellness Policies


We ask that visitors respect the following rules:

  • To increase the comfort of visitors, the capacity of Baldovec Aqua World is limited to 6 people/visit.
  • Aqua World is open to the public daily from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Visits to Aqua World can be reserved through the reservation form at our website.
  • Reservations for renting Aqua World for night must be made in advance.
  • After paying the admission, clients receives keys to the shoe cabinet, a chip bracelet (to get through the turnstile and keep track of time paid; also serves as a key to the locker.
  • After entering the shoe room adjacent to the reception desk, clients shall take off their shoes and leave them in the lockable shoe cabinet.
  • The time in Aqua World starts running when clients get through the turnstile from the shoe room to the coat-room.
  • By placing their chip bracelets on the info-terminal located in Aqua World at anytime, clients can check the time spent in Aqua World.
  • Clients can unlock any locker with their chip bracelet, leave their shoe cabinet key, clothes and personal belongings in it and lock it again with their bracelet.
  • If clients forget their locker number, they can place their chip bracelet on the info-terminal and the number will be displayed on the screen.
  • Changing cabins can be used free of charge in the coat room.
  • Clients shall take a shower before entering Aqua World relaxation zones. Separate showers for men and women are part of the wellness centre coat room facilities. Shower gels are available for free.
  • For hygienic reasons, being on the Aqua World premises is permitted only without swimsuit. The covering function of a swimsuit is performed by the bath towel given to clients at the reception desk.
  • Several relaxation zones are available on the Aqua World premises. Whirlpool – recommended time of stay is 15 – 20 minutes; jumping in the water and swimming are prohibited here. Steam sauna - recommended time of stay is 15 – 20 minutes. Entertainment showers – tropical rain, ice shock, side showers. Rest room with heated ceramic deckchairs and benches.
  • Aqua World is a place of peace, rest and relaxation. Please, be considerate to other clients.
  • In case of injury or other emergency, clients can use the emergency button which is located at the entrance to Aqua World, and is connected to the reception desk.
  • Bringing food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages onto the Aqua World premises is prohibited. Water coolers are available free of charge to clients.
  • Smoking and using open fire is prohibited on Aqua World premises.
  • Children up to two years of age and people with open wounds, skin diseases and serious heart conditions are not allowed in Aqua World.
  • Electronic devices (phones, cameras, video cameras, etc.) must be turned off before entering Aqua World. Taking photographs or other recordings is not allowed here.
  • In case of violation of these Policies, clients can be ordered to leave the Aqua World premises, without reimbursement.
  • When leaving, clients shall drop their bath towel into the laundry basket and return the shoe cabinet key and chip bracelet to the reception desk, or pay an additional fee for a longer stay, if applicable.

Baldovec salt grotto operating instructions

We ask that visitors respect the following rules:

  • The salt grotto is a place of peace, rest, regeneration, relaxation and prevention
  • Each procedure starts in full hour and lasts for 45 minutes
  • You are asked to arrive always 5 – 10 minutes in advance
  • It is impossible to enter the salt grotto during the procedure
  • Please use the provided footwear before entering the salt grotto
  • After entering the salt grotto, sit or lie in a relaxation chair, relax and let the grotto’s microclimate and relaxation music have effect on you
  • We recommend you to breathe deeply, alternatively through your nose and mouth; careful about salt on your hands – do not touch your eyes
  • During the period of relaxation, please be quiet and do not disturb other clients (especially as regards small children)
  • Children under 15 years may only enter with an adult person, responsible for the adherence to the operating instructions
  • We do not recommend children under 1.5 years to enter the salt grotto without a consultation with a physician
  • You must not enter the salt grotto with electronic devices on (phone, camera, video camera, etc.); you are therefore not allowed to take pictures or make other recordings in the grotto
  • In the salt grotto, do not touch saline elements
  • The area of the salt grotto is monitored by a camera system
  • The salt grotto cannot be used by persons suffering from infectious diseases or any acute diseases with high temperature
  • If necessary, you can leave the grotto; however, you cannot return back during the same cycle
  • At the end of each procedures, clients will be instructed by the staff, a visual or audio signal

We would like to wish you a pleasant time in our salt grotto.